Nano-Mugen Compilation 2006

Nano-Mugen Compilation 2006 (2006.07.05) [ omnibus ]
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Ref/Description: KSCL-998
1. Jyuni Shinhou no Yukei (ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION)
2. Another Time / Another Story (BEAT CRUSADERS)
3. Renai Spirits (Chatmonchy)
4. Change (Dream State)
5. Stereoman (ELLEGARDEN)
6. Daati na Sekai (Put your Head)
7. Have you ever Seen the Stars (Mo'Some Tonebender)
8. Getting by (The Rentals)
9. Bubblegum (Silver Sun)
10. The Nowarist (Straigthtener)
11. I am for you (Waking Ashland)
12. Wake up, Make up, Bring it up (The Young Punx!)
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