Golden Bomber

J-Rock Visual Kei Band

Vocal: 鬼龍院 翔-キリュウインショウ- (Kiryuuin Shou)[→ ゴールデンボンバー]
Guitar: 喜矢武 豊-キャンユタカ- (Kyan Yutaka) [→ ゴールデンボンバー]
Bass: 歌広場 淳-ウタヒロバジュン- (Utahiroba Jun) [→ ゴールデンボンバー]
Drums: 樽美酒 研二-ダルビッシュケンジ- (Tenkuujou Dankichi) [→ ゴールデンボンバー]
Drums: 天空城 団吉-テンクウジョウダンキチ- (Tenkuujou Dankichi) [→ ゴールデンボンバー → ?]
Drums: 血祭 鉄兵 [→ ゴールデンボンバー → ?]
Status: active
Since: 2004
Spelling: ゴールデンボンバー
Official Site

Hi guys,

if you are on this page you probably wanna download some of Golden Bomber's releases.
And like you also probably noticed before, their discography gets reported over and over again by some unknown baka-kun.
I personally tried to update it quickly everytime and hoped this person got a real life and gets bored of reporting every single download link.
But no!~ he/she didn't. Poor individual!
But anyway. Therefore we decided to try another way to make the releases available for you.
And we really do hope that this will work out. *crossing fingers*

The idea is following:

We created a new 4Shared Account especially for the discography of Golden Bomber.
We want to give you the login datas of it (e-mail and passwort, also specially made for this purpose) that you can login on 4shared by yourself.
There you will find a folder named 'Golden Bomber Discography', open it and you will see a list of their releases.

Why are we doing this, even if it's still possible to report them?
When a file gets reported on 4shared, a folder called 'abuse' will be automatically created and the reported files will be moved there.
If you don't have access to this account you won't be able to download it anymore BUT if you have access - like you do cuz we are giving you the login datas - you will be able to open the 'abuse' folder and download it from there.
Got it!? =D

4Shared Account Datas:
Password: *changed pw, for news read the comment beneath*

So if you are searching for one release and you can't find it in the 'Golden Bomber Discography' folder, try to find it in the folder called 'abuse' before you contact us to tell us that something is missing or so.

I hope this issue is described understandable.
If you have any questions left you may contact us.
The information for doing so can you find here.

Thank you very much for reading and of course for visiting us.

kind regards,
your Team

Ultima atualização: 2011.08.27
Last update: 2011.08.27

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Este comentário foi removido pelo autor. News:
Jesus effin christ the golden bomber discography got completely removed again by this baka-kun. How can someone be so egomaniac and dislike sharing the music with Jrock enjoyers!? Un-freakin'-believeable!?
Meanwhile I changed the password and I'll inform you about what's next soon.


How to get the password now? thx~


I need the password T.T oneeegai


I need the password ;___;~~~~


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