WORST OF KRA (2010.07.09) [ Blog Compilation ]
1. すれ違い (Sure Chigai)
2. 月の砂漠 (Tsuki no Sabaku)
3. アレグロ・ダンス (Allegro Dance)
4. エレクトロンメールマン (Electron Mailman)
5. キャンディ (Candy)
6. 空 (Sora)
7. Planet
8. Lost Number
9. Atomos
10. Pied Piper
11. 肌寒い季節の夜明け (Hada Samui Kisetsu no Yoake)
12. irony
13. √Age17
14. 負の前進 (Fu no Zenshin)
15. ハードロリータ (Hard Lolita)
16. イマチュア (Immature)
17. 36481? - LINDA ~candydive pinky heaven~ [Bonus Track]
Download - [MF]

2 comentários:

Hey!Most of them are in my BEST playlist!
[and some from the best playlist are in my WORST playlist -______-]
Anyway, I think that Kra is better now than the indie times... KU can sing and not just scream. >XD

Krakko forever. :)


Thanks! What a fun way to try out Kra. :D


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