WORST OF GACKT (2010.07.01) [ Blog Compilation ]
1. emu-for my dear
2. cube
3. Nine Spiral
4. Speed Master
5. Missing
6. Lust for blood
7. white eyes
8. Dispar
10. Noesis
11. mind forest
12. Blue Lagoon ~深海~
13. Asrun Dream (Gladiator special edition)
14. Kagero (Gladiator special edition)
15. 星の砂 (Hoshi no Suna)
16. ピース (Peace)
17. To Feel The Fire
[Bonus Track]
Download - [MF]

3 comentários:

Pra mim, Asrun Dream e LONGING foram as mais bem escolhidas. Duas musicaaaaças que não são reconhecidas! Valeu, chase, adorei!


Nine Spiral and White eyes are some of the few Gackts songs I actually like :P


I do not agree with you on Emu-for my dear- since that song is about Kami-sama Gackt's best friend in Malice Mizer the rest i agree with.


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