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Hello JRock Visual Kei fanatics! (^∇^)

Since I got a lot of questions about what is going on with our blog, I am going to make a lil' statement here.

Currently we kind of don't know what to do with our blog activitiy.
With the Megaupload and Mediafire situation where everything got deleted, we are still thinking about another solution to make releases available for everyone without the huge risk getting everthing deleted again (so soon).

We are open for suggestions what might help us and, therefore, you to continue.
For more interactivity and news please visit and like us at our facebook site.

Thank you guys for your loyality and concers.
We really do appreciate it and are crossing our fingers to find a solution soon.

Huge hugz!

Kind regards,

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I suggest you use these sites to upload:
(Yes, it is Russian, but it's good)

Well, as others have these options, I hope to test some of them ^ ^


i would suggest to use 4shared since it is still working. and i would also suggest if someone wants to download we could email you and ask for what we want (like how you did with Golden Bomber Discography) and we receive either a download link or the files through email


I recommend this site~


dropbox is a good option i think. how about using torrents??? 4shared still works, yes, and it is better than mediafire or megaupload.


Torrent remains as a good option.
With uTorrent (example) and everyone seeding the files, we could go on easily =)


O 4shared ainda está funcionando. Semanas atrás baixei a discografia do D'espairsRay de lá, além de um show. Se ainda há o 4shared, acho que o blog pode continuar muito bem =).


torrent is a good option :) just like this site


4Shared and Depositfiles are working very well. Specially 4Shared, I even got an account, but I´m paying it monthly just in case, however it has been very good.


Eu sugiro este site:
Dá para fazer, de uma vez, upload para um monte de outros sites diferentes e depois ao fazer o download através daqui o próprio site diz quais é que ainda estão disponíveis e assim. Eu visito um site que usa este e é muito bom, eu acho, resulta muito bem. Pode é demorar um bocado a fazer o upload, não sei. =S

Ah. E a ideia de usar os torrents também é boa. Tipo, tudo o que entra no The Pirate Bay não sai mais de lá.


torrents would make discographies MUCH more simple in my opinion (just update the torrent, people can download individual folders/zip files from the main torrent). But at the same time you do have the downside of THEY HAVE TO BE SEEDED. yes I can see a *new* release being seeded for a few weeks but...that's it. that's why most jrock trackers haven't done that well in the past....jrock fans tend to be really greedy which is why ddl took off like it did.


torrent está sendo a melhor opção atualmente, pirates bay está sendo o melhor site para download porque voces não usam tambem.


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