DuelJewel - Vamp Ash

Vamp Ash (2011.03.16) [ Single ]
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Ref/Description: DAKDRDJ-3
1. Vamp Ash
2. The Greed
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3 comentários:

Tiene tambien Base Ball Bear o no??
Porque este grupo me gusta mucho...!!
Lo conoceis??

Lo siento, mi espanol no esta muy bueno porque soy francesa...^^

Arigato para responderme, I Love your site!!^^


Well, this site uses mainly english and portuguese, so no need to try spanish here. =D
But thanks anyway! ^__^


I prefer english anyway!!
You're really awesome to post all these japanese albums...!!

And do you know Base Ball Bear??
Because I can't find any CDs of them...

Anyway, I'm really grateful!!

Oh and sorry for my english too...^^


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