Vanished Empire

Vanished Empire
Gothic Electro

Vocal: DJ Chihiro [MySpace]
Programming & Piano: Lt. Dee Lee [→ 2 Bullet, Vanished Empire]
Since: 2006
Status: active

The Unnamable Symphony (2010.12.13) [ Album ]
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Ref/Description: DAKDLVE-2
1. Necronomicon Prologue
2. Mindless Outer God
3. Temple Of R'lyeh
4. At The Edge Of Kadath
5. Al Ajif Epilogue
6. Mindless Outer God (Tragic Black Mix)
7. Temple Of R'lyeh (Takuya Angel Mix)
8. Temple Of R'lyeh (Noir du'Soleil mix)
9. Temple Of R'lyeh (marlee mix)
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Theater of Tragedy (2009.11.13) [ Album ]
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Ref/Description: DAKDLVE-1
1. Six Feet Under
2. Ghost
3. Ruined Garden
4. Combat-hi=psychosis
5. Farewell
6. Her Last Words
7. Hellfire Within Me
8. Ghost (Leæther Strip Mix)
9. Ruined Garden (ALIEN VAMPIRES Mix)
10. Her Last Words (Spectrum-X Mix)
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