LeMpicka ?

LeMpicka ?
JRock Visual Kei Band

Sorry, we currently got not much information about them.
We would appreciate - in case you know more - if you share this info with us that we are able update this entry.
Thank you! ^__^
Since: 2009
Status: active

Leaf Qualia (2009.07.22) [ Mini-Album ]
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Ref/Description: XQAR-1007
1. midori
2. carnival
3. bookmark
4. green eyed monster
5. peridot
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Last update: 2010.10.29

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Vo 85
Gt ケンタ
Ba aki
Dr 真之介

label: unsigned

OHP: http://lempicka.me/index.htm
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/lempickajapan

^ I stole that from last.fm :P


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